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Fostering Revenue Generation: Empowering Women Vendors and Enriching Corporate Partnerships

WE NEST acts as a crucial link between corporates and MSME (with a focus on women-owned businesses), facilitating increased procurement opportunities. By promoting sourcing from women-owned enterprises, it fosters partnerships driving economic growth and social Impact. Integrating such practices enhances corporates' ESG performance, diversifies supplier bases, promotes gender equality and supports women's economic empowerment further contributing to the SDGs.

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Corporates can play a vital role in closing the gender gap in government procurement by adopting Gender Responsive Procurement (GRP) practices. GRP also offers corporates a number of benefits, including increased innovation and creativity, improved supply chain resilience, enhanced brand reputation, and reduced costs.

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Women vendors can also benefit significantly from GRP. By joining a GRP network, women vendors can access new markets, increase their sales and profitability, and improve their brand visibility and recognition. Women vendors can also play a role in closing the gender gap in government procurement by competing for government contracts.

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