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Takeaway Summary :

Womennovator hosted a Human Library session attended by some well known authors and publishers including Milee Ashwarya,

Gaurav Prakash, Leher Sethi, and Kiran Manral

This event brought to our attention the importance of reading good books

In the event, different womennovators spoke about the books they enjoy and recommended a few books you might also like

1. 48 laws of power - Gaurav Prakash

2. The Fakir - Rajnee Aneja

3. The hard things about hard things - Tripti Shinghal Somani

4. Nonviolent Communication - A disruptive concept that can change our world - Ruchi

5. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - Meenakshi M Singh

6. Forgiveness is a choice - Dipali Gupta

7. Psychology of money - Nirmala Gururaj

8. IKIGAI - Shilpi Dua

Event Title : Womennovator Human library

Event Description :
Book lovers are invited: Womennovator Hybrid Human library launch 2022 

Now lets human help you read.. not just books..

Date : 13th May 2022 

Time: 6 pm IST 

Hybrid event: Online and Physical 

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