Questions for Womennovator Talks

1. What does women empowerment mean to you and why do you think women
empowerment is important?
2. In what ways do you believe women have been historically disadvantaged or
3. How can society promote gender equality and empower women?
4. Are there specific areas or sectors where you think women empowerment is
particularly important? Why?
5. What challenges or barriers do you think women face in achieving empowerment?
6. Do you believe women's empowerment benefits society as a whole? If so, how?
7. How can men contribute to women empowerment?
8. What policies or initiatives do you think governments or organizations should
implement to promote women empowerment?
9. How do you support work-life balance for women employees, especially in terms of
parental or caregiving responsibilities? (For those who are married)
10. Can you think of any unintended consequences or potential challenges that may arise
from initiatives focused on women empowerment?

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