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Sikkim Sabha  

I am excited to share with you the successful inauguration of #SikkimSabha during the second meeting of Startup20 under G20 India in #Gangtok and my experience with other enablers representing Womennovator (Global Incubator for Women). The event brought together the entire startup ecosystem and enablers from different countries, creating a lively atmosphere for collaboration and discussion.

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The Honourable Chief Minister of Sikkim, Shri Prem Singh Tamang and Shri Som Prakash , Minister of State for Commerce & Industry shared visionary ideas on how Sikkim can become a hub for startups at the Startup20 Sikkim Sabha. We are grateful for his valuable perspective and commitment to creating a conducive environment for startups in the country.

It was great interacting with Chair, StartUp20, Dr. Chintan Vaishnav, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Shri Ashish Sinha, Senior Advisor, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ms. Rupa Dutta at Startup20 Sikkim Sabha.

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The 2nd Session at the Startup20 Sikkim Sabha focused on task force discussions, with delegates brainstorming on the various objectives of the Startup20 Engagement group.

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The unique design of the meetings and #huddles in the famous MG Marg's #local restaurants and #cafes added to the excitement and interest of the discussions.

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The #exhibition of startups on MG Road provided an opportunity for networking and engagement with the startup community.



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Not to forget, this initiative brought together the best of the incubator heads, adding to the wealth of knowledge and expertise present at the event. And, it was a great opportunity to make new #friends from different parts of the India and G20 nations.

My suggestion for having a Validation policy for startups was well appreciated by Shri Ashish Sinha ji, Senior advisor DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. It refers to a framework that the government could implement to ensure that new ideas and innovations in the startup ecosystem are viable and have the potential to succeed in the market. The validation process involves market research, competitor analysis, and an evaluation of the startup's team and its capabilities. The benefits of a validation policy for startups include saving young entrepreneurs time and resources, identifying gaps in the market, and creating new products and services that meet customers' needs. 

During our recent cafe round table discussion, startup ecosystem enablers from different countries such as Indonesia, Oman, Japan, the Netherlands, India, and the European Union compared the criteria for identifying startups across these different regions. One observation that emerged from our discussion was that most countries define startups based on factors such as the number of years in operation, revenue, and organizational structure. However, we recognized that imposing an upper limit on the number of years that a startup can be considered as such may prevent established companies from benefiting from new technologies and innovations.

Therefore, we proposed that we should not consider an upper limit on the number of years that a company can be classified as a startup. This would enable existing companies to upgrade themselves with new technology and still take advantage of the benefits that come with being a startup.

'Mine has been an enterprising journey with children, partner with transferable job, I always dreamt of joining the UN, and when I got into UN, all I dreamt was for supporting journeys of other women' Ms. Kanta Singh, Deputy Country Representative, UN Women at Startup20 Sikkim Sabha.

Kudos to the entire team of Startup20 -Government of Sikkim , Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India Invest IndiaNITI AayogAtal Innovation Mission Official DeloittePHDCCI DelhiiCreate and UN Women for their hard work and dedication in making this initiative a reality. Their efforts in creating a consensual policy paper for the betterment of the global startup ecosystem, not only in G20 nations but beyond, are commendable.

Let's continue to drive innovation and growth in the startup industry together! #Startup20 #G20India #GlobalStartupEcosystem #Innovation #Networking #Friends #collaborationovercompetition #AimToInnovate #LetsKeepInnovating.

Great efforts by Anisha Bhasin  Harleen Pasricha Aveesha Kaur Rishika Chatterjee and whole team.

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